Joe Clarke Crowned 2016 Australian Bodyboarding Tour Champion

Congratulations to Joe Clarke who has been crowned the 2016 Australian Bodyboard Tour Champion!

The final event of the tour saw the race for the Championship title reduced to four riders, Clarke being ahead on the leader board, but Michael Novy, Cade Sharp, and Lachlan Cramsie all hungry to take it away from him.

But in dramatic circumstances Clarke looked set to capture his first national championship, beating Dave Winchester in round 2, but then heavily stumbled in Round Three finishing 4th in his heat, the result forcing his exit from the competition. Clarke had lost the 2014 ABA crown in similar circumstances when he watched Jake Stone pass him on points in the final event to claim victory.
Similarly this time around, Joe was forced to watch from the beach as each heat unfolded, watching Michael Novy make a round 3 exit, and Cade Sharp in round 4, leaving only Lachlan Cramsie to spoil the party.

Cramsie had to make the Final to draw with Clarke on points, and win the final to take out the championship. But when he lost his Semi-Final heat to eventual event winner Ben Player, the championship was Joe Clarkes.

Joe Clarke said following the event “It was a massive sense of relief. I was super anxious as I’d been in that position before where it was out of my hands, and Cramsie was ripping everything to shreds. But now its over I’m super pumped. It feels incredible to have this elephant off my back!”.

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