Funkshen | Chase O’Leary | All Aussie Adventures | Episode 3

Chase O’Leary is living the ultimate bodyboarding lifestyle. Travelling around Australia in a fully kitted out bus with his girlfriend, chasing waves state by state, meeting locals and having mates come and visit. He is literally ‘Living the Dream’. All Aussie Adventures: Episode 3 see Chase cross Bass Strait after surfing around Tasmania, and heading to […]

Chase O’Leary | Jets All Aussie Adventures | Ep2

Jets All Aussie Adventures brought to you by Funkshen Bodyboards After wrapping up the first part of ‘Jets All Aussie Adventures’ in NSW and the South Coast (Watch Episode 1 here – Chase O’Leary and Katy headed off to South Oz. Episode 2 showcases S.A. with some new discoveries, good times, and plenty of waves […]

#Stokedandbroke South Australia Gallery – Cade Sharp

South oz has been kind to us, been camping and getting waves with chase so much funny photos and footage, can’t wait to get back here after tassie!!!! Stoked to get some extra footage for my next #stokeandbroke episode!!!! I have attatched a few framies grace filmed. We are about to start heading back via a […]

Chase O’Leary’s All Aussie Adventures

It seems the travel bug has caught on in the Funkshen camp with Chase O’Leary following in the footsteps of fellow team rider Cade Sharp to travel the the vast Australian landscape. “Me and my girlfriend Katy are going around Australia In my Toyota Coaster Bus,” Chase said. “We’re pretty self-sufficient with a solar setup for […]